"The Bystanders" at Bonfire 2022

August 28th, 2022
Forest Park Bandshell
Forest Park Rd, Woodhaven, NY 11421

Textile art/ soft sculpture piece "The Bystanders" installed at the stage of Bonfire 2022, the 10th annual interactive music and arts festival created by Haku Leaf and Adam Hans, showcasing local NYC artists at the George Seuffert, Sr. Bandshell of Forest Park in Queens, NY.


For the past 10 years we've held a festival in New York called Bonfire. Originating in a backyard in East New York, Brooklyn, I’ve been honored to showcase local and talented artists from all over the boroughs, from Painters & Sculptors to Dancers & Musicians. Some being my very close friends who deserve a platform to express the art they’ve dedicated themselves to throughout the years. The name Bonfire is derived from the act of humans discovering fire for the very first time many ages ago. It symbolizes our unity and collaborative effort to always grow and evolve through anything. My goal is to make this festival an important part of New York City and maybe the world someday, to bring people, community, family, lovers, and friends, just a lil closer.  


Haku Leaf  


Ambiguous forms protect and witness the artistry that unfolds before them. Hand-in-hand, Leg-at-leg— forever conjoined together to form one community, one family, one being. Under the cover of the entities artists alike come together to create a beautiful conglomerate.

The bright flowers bestowed on the entities' hearts echo 1969’s Woodstock. The power of the flower exists in the hearts of all generations—togetherness. Shadows of a near past vibrating through generations like waves; captured and renewed, the message stays the same. Entities shielding us from harm, melodious magic coming forth—not without blood.

Limbs painted red. Community isn’t brought together without blood-bled and tears-shed. As if visions of forgotten ancestors come back to haunt us, violence is parallel to time. Is this a sanctuary for all?

Magnifying the nuances allows for the beauty and message to transcend through the crowd. The effervescent presence of the entities comforts and reassures passersby as unity and love cast light over a somber reality. Them bystanders showering in blood, with flowers, by the passing hours.