Born in Beijing and now based in New York, Wenjue Lu studied and obtained her undergraduate degree at Parsons School of Design. Insisting on design and craft on a hands-on basis, she focuses on the possibilities of the naturally-colored fabric, especially on the different shades and textures of white, while infusing her ongoing exploration of her philosophy of life born within the process into the creations.

In 2020, Wenjue launched her eponymous studio/label Wenjüe Lu. Though majored in fashion design, Wenjue views fashion as a multidisciplinary platform integrating the multiple forms of different mediums, a visual and aesthetic way to tell a story, to put out a statement, to disclose truths about oneself. Rather than casting her creations as mechanically reproduced commodities, she prefers treating each of them as an individual piece of artwork crafted by hand.

Sashiko conveys a spirit ancient but not stale. As a way of slowing down and mending life, it is the embodiment of Wenjue’s philosophy of life and attitude towards ideas, and it has become one of the rhetorical devices in her works. It is also an opportunity to spread this beautiful traditional handicraft, and urge people to slow down and discover some subtle and authentic beauties in their lives.

For Wenjue, creating is “just like writing a poem”, it can be abstract or figurative, truthful or paradoxical, macroscopic or microscopic, modern or ancient, it can fill itself with memories or imaginations, and it can convey emotions on its own terms. You can submerge in it, hide behind it... Each element adopted in a word or sentence can be a thousand rhetorical devices, along with different tonal rhythms, interlaced, woven together, echoing one another within the contexts. In Wenjue’s word: “The poem inside you, that is, your own feelings about the image I provide, they are also you. What you see and think about me, your eyes and my eyes, your thoughts and my thoughts, in the poem everything is one.”

We seek to restore a sense of “slowness” to the ever-accelerating world. We aim to emphasize the rediscovery and the re-cherishing of hand-weaving and traditional folk craftsmanship while respecting the natural state of different fibers, from cotton, silk, to linen, hemp… Adopting the fabrics as one of various rhetorical devices within the Wenjüe Lu design language.

Carried by the likes of Dover Street Market and Net-A-Porter China, we also directly offers our creations right here on our site. While shining a light on the nuance of different shades of layers of natural fiber, allowing the differentiation from lot to lot in the fabric production process to serve as features of the Wenjue Lü’s works, we wish to emphasize our appreciation for the normalizing of imperfections, as they are part of the naturalness and separate themselves from the artificial perfections.

At the same time, we also focuses on the seen or unseen tailored details and constructions of each piece of work, being deliberate with every stitch and cut, every curve and corner of every piece of pattern, followed by precise, delicate yet subtle finishing. We believe in the eternal companionship between garment and body. What remains in the end returns to the land; the collections are made with the intention for each piece to last, with every use, every wear. Through Wenjüe Lu, create memory, with care.



Jan 2022             Duo exhibition, Beyorslf Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, United States

Feb-Mar 2022    Selected Poetic Transfigurations, LATITUDE Gallery New York, New York, NY, United States



Jul 2022             Of the Virgo - Album Pre-release Art Show, Berry Street Community Garden, Brooklyn, NY, United States

Aug 2022          Bonfire 2022 - Peace & Bonfire, Forest Park Bandshell, Queens, NY, United States