"Rhetorical Devices"

A collection of 12 Sashiko pieces. 
6" x 6" on double layered cotton
"A poetic image is one of the means by which a poet delivers his greatest impact. Its role is equal to other poetic devices, equal to parallelism, both simple and negative, equal to the simile, to repetition, to symmetry, to hyperbole, equal, generally speaking, to any other figure of speech, equal to all these means of intensifying the sensation of things." 

--- Viktor Shklovsky


Sashiko are real life rhetorical devices, on our body, inside our life.

Little Stabs, sequenced and combined, repeated and interrupted, reorganized.

No boundaries to its whats, wheres, and whys, it manifests itself distinctively and freely.

It is a poem, it is also a prose, a story, our story, written down on fabric.