Sashiko(刺し子) is a hundred-year-old traditional Japanese folk textile method developed since the Edo period(1603-1868) in the North of Japan.

        Directly translated as "little stabs", sashiko is mostly used by the working class to strengthen worn-out garments: by stitching them with simple running stitches employed by repeating or interlocking traditional Japanese geometric patterns.

        In Wenjüe Lu, we are devoted to create with precision, concentration, patience, persistence, and a constant striving for perfection. We hope to respectfully combine traditional sashiko patterns with our visions and imageries to bring a wisp of elegance and complexity into our creations. 

        Sashiko reflects the spirit of craftsmanship we aim to infuse into our works. Each thread is given a purpose, each thread lives and breathes in all its seriousness regarding its existence. It is a heritage originating from the everyday people while providing for the everyday people, a reciprocity beyond threads and fabrics. It is something to be passed down, the sense of  "slowness" in our ever accelerating fast-paced life. Needle by needle, we relax and meditate with slow stitches, leaving behind only traces of our lives and whatever history documenting them.

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  • Workshop Samplers - Sashiko Fish Series
    Workshop Samplers - Sashiko Fish Series
    $450.00 USD
  • Fafa Sashiko Waves Hat
    Fafa Sashiko Waves Hat
    $900.00 USD
  • Sashiko Choker - Kakinohana
    Sashiko Choker - Kakinohana
    $280.00 USD
  • 3-Petal Fafa Bag
    3-Petal Fafa Bag
    Sold Out
  • Extended Fa   Fa Sashiko Scarf
    Extended Fa   Fa Sashiko Scarf
    $1,500.00 USD