Of the Virgo

July 30th, 2022

Berry Street Community Garden
301 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
A multimedia art event featuring collectives of NYC underground artists ranging from mediums such as sculptures, fine art, photography, videography & music performance, hosted by Mei Leaf.

Shadow quivered on the extended limbs of Mannequin .4 while audiences squinted their eyes looking for the body of the elongated creature. Mannequin .4 leaned on the thick branch, and his willowy legs fell next to the trunk to remind people of his presence. His hand loosely held a bouquet of 5-petaled flowers and a wooden fishing rod. Mannequin .4 looked at ease, entirely unaware of the plump fish hooked down the line.


Under the live music and soft sculpture installations, friends and audiences came together at Berry street's Community Garden in Williamsburg to celebrate and experience Haku Leaf's latest project alongside our soft sculpture installation titled <Fished>, consisting of Mannequin .4, Pond of New World Towers, and more.