Fafa Bags

Fafa Bags

        Launched in August 2020, the Fafa Bags are the first creation in the world of Wenjüe Lu. Designed and developed by Wenjue, the Fafas take the shape of 5-petaled flowers and 3-petaled tulips, they are covered with natural color cotton muslin. The name Fafa is taken from the Cantonese pronunciation of the Chinese word “花花”, directly translated as “flower flower”. We wish to plant our Fafa on every lovable wearer, offering a beam of warmness and softness.

        Deconstructed from their real-life counterparts, the Fafas are flowers native to a land drawn out with Wenjüe Lu’s unique design language, blending poetic re-imagination of the nature and thought-out handcrafted details. Inside this land, rhetorical spirits roam and intangible purposes float.

        We are dedicated to crafting with thoughtfulness, every Fafa Bag is handmade in house with every process taking place in our New York City Studio. Each Fafa bag is the result of countless trials and errors of revising and refining, until the curvature and angle of each shape as well as the positioning and spacing between each stitch are known by heart. The details and uniqueness that lie in the hand stitches of each Fafa bag complete them and give them meanings, bearing the mark of time.


        May fate lead you to them,

        And we wish for your fondness and attentiveness.


Jan 2022

Wenjue Lu

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  • Veg-Tan Leather Fafa
    Veg-Tan Leather Fafa
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  • Small 5-Petal Fafa bag - Noir
    Small 5-Petal Fafa bag - Noir
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  • Small 3-Petal Fafa Bag
    Small 3-Petal Fafa Bag
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  • Melted 5-Petal Fafa bag
    Melted 5-Petal Fafa bag
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  • Natural-Dyed Small Fafa Bag
    Natural-Dyed Small Fafa Bag
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  • Small 5-Petal Fafa Bag
    Small 5-Petal Fafa Bag
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  • 5-Petal Fafa Bag
    5-Petal Fafa Bag
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  • 3-Petal Fafa Bag
    3-Petal Fafa Bag
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