"Fished" at The Oculus

August 2022 - March 2023
The Canvas at Westfield World Trade Center
185 Greenwich Street #LL3110 New York, NY 10006

Displayed out on the storefront window of The Canvas in the Oculus Center in Manhattan, Wenjüe Lu’s soft sculptures all appeared at ease, at home, in a dream, or by the shore. Fished gained its coherence from the interaction forces of a trinity composed of the Mannequins, the flowers, and the garment.

The Mannequins 
Mannequin.4 sits relaxed and upright on a chair fishing for something. long-lanky arms sit at its side serving as a surrealist reminder that the Mannequin exists inordinarily. Mannequin.5 sits idly by up on the Plank. Concealing itself amid the serenity of the flowers and grasses. 
The Flowers
Scattered around, a sense of renewal and freshness is felt through. Mannequins masquerading as flowers and frolicking in the whimsical serenity. A slow and playful day, an outgrowth. Like a light that is casted then felt, even the heads began blooming. 
The Garment
Becoming one with serenity. The object of attention to the Mannequins. Today's goal has been fished, has been caught. Trapped in the proximity of activity, another bountiful day.


An ode to whimsical slowness and plainness. An humanistic anchor, they are part of the natural and separate themselves from the artificial perfections. Permanently and forever in a state of peace, fished.

Special Thanks to The Canvas NYC